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Nationality : From Amsterdam The netherlands

(latest internatonal jobs only) : Belgium Fashionshow 2016, Extreme Paris 2016 , Newyork fashion week 2016 , The runway is yours (NYC) 2016-2017-2018, MSGLOBAL NEWYORK 2017- 2018 , London Fashion Week - Fashionfest 2017 , Gambia Fashionweek @10Yaws 2017 , Paris / La Mans Fashionweek 2016/2017 ,  London fashionweek SMG 2017 - 2018 , London Fashionweek 2018,  Indian Fashionweek 2018 , Asian Fashion week 2018 , ASPARA Fashionweek  Kazachstan 2018, Newyork Fashionweek  art hart fashion 2018  / TarazFashionweek 2018  / Le mans Fashionweek  2018  / Marbelia 2019 / Bordeaux fashion week 2019 / London Fashionweek  SMGlobal 2019 / Milaan FW 2019 / Le mans Fashionshow 2019 / Gambia Fashion weekend #GFW 2019 / Berlin Fashionweek 2020  / Madrid World vision fashionshow 2020 / Paris Fashionweek 2020

In one word for me modeling means stay focus its begins by believe in yourself and what your doing, be humble enough just go for it .. like i tell to everybody i really love modeling not for the money or for the fame just that i can be a part of the show and show people what i love to do is already everything for me.

Besides modeling (work/studies)

 I am acting and doing styling / make-up jobs for photo shoots, i work together with 'be goes fashion magazine' a dutch online magazine were i style the models and im also coaching young girls to be a model give them the right advice and learn them how to walk and pose for the camera. 
i  help backstage at fashion shows as a co coordinator . and i have also my own online fashion magazine named PULSE - DIVERSITY FASHION

A B O U T  M E ..

My name is Sensemielja Letitia Sumter.

Iám a international model and entrepreneur.

Nationality : From Amsterdam The netherlands

M E A S U R E M E N T   R E Q U I R E M E N T S

S O M E  M O R E  I N F O 

About me 

 Besides modelling iam also giving catwalk training for everybody who would love to pursue a career in modelling. I been in Newyork representing amazing designers and training the models worldwide and make them ready for the Fashion Week, also iam the stylist and art - Director by be goes fashion magazine powered by Rene Frese..


In 2018 i was participating in becoming one of the finalists of Miss Amsterdam. This was a amazing journey and i won the title of Miss Social Media 2018.  My life after My first international Runway show changed everything that gave me so many opportunities. i am making my way trough but its still hard for me as a proud black international runway model but i am here to make a change. I never stopped dreaming and believing, doesn't matter how hard the road will be, believe , work hard and have faith

Check this out MY (Interview) 

I never stopped dreaming and believing


Founder & CEO of Diversity Fashion Week

CO OWNER & Coach of Diversity Model Agency NL

I started this concept a few years ago even when rocks got trowed at me  it did not stop me from our mission as to make a change in the fashion world and show that together we stand strong! The key is to make a statement for people that are diverse.

Like i said before DFW stands for everybody. That means we love diversity ,we love all kinds of shades and shapes. We also offer a platform for people that are disabled. Unfortunately we still see the dividing between people. Unique and being different makes you stand out!
It doesn't matter if you’re black,white, gay, straight, come from a different country, or speak a different language... every single person is unique and meaningful. We love diversity and that's what we want to show the world.


DMA stands for Diversity Model Agency. We offer a platform for everybody who would like to develop their talent and pursue a career in modelling. This also includes intensive personal training. The DMA takes pride in infusing diversity in the fashion industry and our aim is to become an iconic agency for diversity on the runway and in the fashion industry. Our mission is to show the world that beauty is not set in one standard but radiates through embracing our different features.


My expertise goes more out to being a profesional fashion/catwalk model.

On my website i will keep u  up to date about the latest Fashion

 and last but not least  my

modeling Carreer!